Albert Einstein’s Resume Proves Even Geniuses Struggle After Graduation

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when they say “genius”? Most people automatically picture Albert Einstein. His scruffy hair, unkept moustache, or the awkwardly adorable persona. In the minds of most people, Albert Einstein epitomises genius like nobody else in mankind’s history. But even to him, success didn’t come easy. And after you take a look at the Albert Einstein’s resume below, you’ll understand why.

He came from humble beginnings but—to address the elephant in the room—no, Einstein wasn’t a bad student. He graduated high school near the top of his class. True, he did fail his university exam to the Swiss Polytechnic. But he took the exam two years earlier than most students and was tested on Swiss history, something that his German secondary school didn’t prepare him for.

Still, after finally graduating, he struggled to get a teaching job at a university. Instead, he had to work at the Swiss patent office and give lessons as a private tutor for over 5 years. At this point in his life he was very much poor and unsuccessful. But he never gave up on his passion—physics.

Come 1905, the year that would change not only Einstein’s own life but also turn physics on its head. In a span of a single year, Einstein published 4 papers that would shape the scientific discourse for the decades to come. Almost instantly, Einstein had become a rock star of the intellectual world.

Never again in his life would he reach the same heights of intellectual genius. At the same time, he’d never have to. Sometimes it only takes a single year, a single breakthrough, to turn your entire career around and become wildly successful. Einstein’s life proves just that.

So if you feel like all your efforts end in vain, don’t despair. The chances are that you feel just the way Einstein felt at the end of 1904. You never know, success always looms just around the corner.

To keep your morals high, check out the Albert Einstein’s resume below and good luck! You can do it!

Albert Einstein’s Resume Infographic

Albert Einstein's resume infographic

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