Stephen Hawking’s Resume Proves You’re Not Smart and You’re Boring Too

You’ve heard about Stephen Hawking, right?

Doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if you’re even remotely interested in physics. But then again, even if you couldn’t care less about science, you’ve probably heard about him anyway. Why is that?

In one part, Hawking’s fame has a lot to do with our age-long fascination with mathematical genius. A blackboard covered in equations poses a mystery accessible only to a select few. And if they can understand THAT, what other secrets could they have stashed away in their ivory towers?

Black holes. In Hawking’s case, it was mostly black holes. And if you’re interested in physics, that’s good enough.

On the other hand, scientists never become rock-star famous for their work alone.

“Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has maintaining my sense of humor.”

Take Newton, for instance. Hardly anyone cares about Newton’s laws of motion. But everybody loves to hear about that one time an apple fell on his head. Which is almost unfair.

So what. Perhaps it means that being really good at something is often not enough.

Not if you want to be widely recognized for your work, that is. If you do, it helps to have a powerful personal story. A personal brand if you like. And, as it happens, Stephen Hawking’s life story is easily one of the most powerful stories of the 20th century.

No wonder he became celebrated as “an imprisoned mind roaming the cosmos”. It sounds profound and catchy.

But here comes the main point: in Kickresume we disagree with the “imprisoned” part. Which is exactly why we’ve created Stephen Hawking’s Resume of Wheelchair Antics below. And it screams freedom.

Take it as a celebration of the other side of Prof Hawking’s personality. The side that made him run over Prince Charles’ toes with his wheelchair. Or throw a party for time travelers. The side of him that refused to accept his condition as truly debilitating.

Let the Stephen Hawking’s resume below be a reminder that whatever happens, staying true to yourself and maintaining a sense of humor will always work to your advantage.

Stephen Hawking’s Resume Infographic

Stephen Hawking's resume

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