7 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Resume for World with Coronavirus [Infographic]

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? That’s what they call it when a guy in China eats a bat and suddenly you have no job and need to improve your resume.

Anyway, we’re glad the same butterfly effect brought you here 😅. Welcome!

But that’s not the only good news. When it comes to resumes, many things have remained the same as before. After all, their purpose remains largely the same too: to convince an employer that you have what it takes to help them solve a problem.

On the other hand, circumstances have changed a lot. And your resume should always reflect those circumstances if you want it to have the right punch. It’s the same principle as when you tailor your resume to a specific job opening. You customize it to meet a specific employer’s circumstances.

The infographic below will explain what exactly you need to change in your resume to make it fit for our present virus-stricken circumstances.

What are the circumstances then? In short, anyone who can work from home now works from home. Those who cannot, are filled with uncertainty. Many of them have already lost their jobs. Many of them will soon have to change careers.

Some companies are still hiring. Others are fighting for survival. You want to apply for jobs at the former, not the latter. You can find out more about all of that in Job Search During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Difficult But Not Impossible.

Infographic: 7 Tips to Prepare Your Resume for Job Search During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Resume Infographic

One last thing. If you’d like to learn more about how to adjust your resume for the upcoming months, read our guide: How to Prepare Your Resume for Job Search During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Also, if you’ve lost your income due to COVID-19 and self-isolation, this might help you survive the upcoming months: Lost Job Due to Coronavirus? Supplement Your Income With Gigs.

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