40+ Creative Resume Templates You’ll Want To Steal in 2022

Last edit January 13, 2017

Here you will find our selection of 40 creative resume templates from people who understand the power of a good resume design. They've created some of the best resume designs we've ever seen on the web.

These creative resume templates range from minimalistic resumes you could use in any kind of a job, to some of the most creative pieces out there.

Especially the latter ones are tied to the designer's own personality so closely, you wouldn't be able to steal them even if you wanted to.

Others are available as free resume templates you can use. In any case, there's a lot to learn from both kinds.

If you decide to get yourself inspired by any of these resume design, remember this: a creative resume template reflects not only your own personality but also the character of your desired work environment.

Finally, if you like what these designers are doing, don't hesitate to click on the link below every resume design and check out their other works. Leave them a comment. Spread some love!

40 Creative Resume Templates for your inspiration

1. Infographic resume template

Michelle Campbell creative resume template

"Infographic Resume" by Michelle Campbell

2. Visual resume template

Tamás Léb creative resume template

"FREE Visual Resume CV Template" by Tamás Leb

3. Old school resume template

creative resume template
creative resume template

Self Promotion: Resume & Job Application by Vidar Olufsen

4. Creative resume template

GlitchCV creative resume template

Personal Stationery by Alysa Choudri

5. Colourful resume template

Jonas Nullens creative resume template

"Personal branding & resume" by Jonas Nullens

6. Resume template by Kate Renner

Resume Print creative resume template

"My resume" by Kate Renner

6. Infographic resume template

Resume Infographics template

"My resume" by Ven Klement

7. Resume infographic template

Infographic resume template

"My Infografic Curriculum Vitae" by Matteo Reggi

8. Graphic designer resume template

Machinist creative resume template

"My CV Resume" by Peter Kisteman

9. Designer resume template

Visual creative resume template

Self Promotion by Siri Lonvik

10. Personal branding + creative resume template

Mathew Lynch creative resume template

"Personal Branding & Self Promo" by Matthew Lynch

11. Minimalistic resume

Minimal resume template
minimal resume template

"Resume" by Adam Rozmus

12. Modern resume

modern resume template

CV by Pieter Baert (link unavailable)

13. Poster resume example

typography resume template

"Wanted Poster"  by Tom Prager

 14. Timeline creative resume template

Michael Hyun creative resume template

"Resume Design" by Michael Hyun

15. Creative resume templates by Kickresume

kickresume creative resume template
kickresume creative resume template

Resume Templates by Kickresume >>>

16. ''Book resume'' template

creative resume template
creative resume template
Ashley Spencer creative resume template

"Curriculum Vitae / Resume" by Ashley Spencer

17. Personal branding + creative resume

personal branding resume template
Sabré Ragsdale

"Self-promotion // Resume" by Sabraé Ragsdale

18. Free creative resume template

Emiliance Ismailov free creative resume template

"CV Free Resume Template" by Emiliance Ismailov

19. Minimalistic resume example

Cristian Martinez Castellar creative resume template

"Curriculum Vitae / Resume" by Cristian Martínez Castellar

20. Free minimalistic resume template

Patryk Korycki free creative resume template

"Free Minimalistic Resume / CV Timeline" by Patryk Korycki

21. Free resume template

free creative resume template

"Free Resume Template + Icons (Self promotion)" by Tolgahan Yurtseven

22. Free creative resume template

Andrew Hint creative resume template

"Resume (CV) Template FREE" by Andrew Hint

23. Self branding resume

Daniel Balcazar creative resume template

"Self Branding / Curriculum Vitae" by Daniel Balcazar

24. Elegant resume sample

Vincenzo Castro elegant resume template

"Curriculum Vitae" by Vincenzo Castro

25. Simple resume template

simple resume template


26. Resume by Valerie

Valerie Ng creative resume template

"Resume" by Valerie Ng

27. Old school resume example

Nitesh Baviskar old school resume template

"Resume" by Nitesh Baviskar

28. Modern resume

Amber Smith retro resume template

"Identity 2013" by Amber Smith

29. Modern resume sample

Rafal Kozera creative resume template

"3-Piece Modern Resume" by Rafal Kozera

30. Minimalistic resume template

Fernando Baéz minimal resume template

"FREE Resume Template" by Fernando Báez

31. Creative resume template

Georgina Bousia creative resume template

 creative resume template

"CV | Resume" by Georgina Bousia

32. Infographic resume template

Genevieve Lovelock infographic resume templates

"Resume / Curriculum Vitae" by Genevieve Lovelock

33. Creative resume template by Darthkix

Darthkix creative resume template

"MY RESUME" by Darthkix

34. Personal identity resume

Roland Martial creative resume template

"RM Brand Identity" by Roland Martial

35. Illustrated resume template

Matteo Innominato creative resume template

"My Resumé — Personal Branding Design" by Matteo Innominato

36. Minimalist resume design

Jacopo Pulcini minimalistic resume template
minimalistic resume template

"My CV - Resume" by Jacopo Pulcini

37. Graphic designer resume sample

Roberto Zizza creative resume template

"My creative resume | Curriculum vitae" by Roberto Zizza

38. Creative resume by Jimmy

Jimmy Charles creative resume template

"Identité visuelle JIM" by Jimmy Charles

39. Modern resume design

Mihai Anghel creative resume template

"Resume" by Mihai Anghel

40. Creative resume template by Irene

Irene Stracuzzi creative resume template

"CV / Curriculum Vitae / 2014" by Irene Stracuzzi

41. Free resume template by Freesumes

"The Modern Clean Resume Template Freebie" by Freesumes.com

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