7 Things in Your Resume That Will Get You a Job (Infographic)

Last edit September 15, 2016

Recruiters go over dozens of resumes daily. Usually, it takes them only a couple of seconds to decide which ones they pass onto the “All right” pile and which resumes end up ditched in the bin.

If you don't fancy your resume landing in trash, you have to stand out!

Sometimes, it's a tough job to make your resume noticed in the heaps of other applications, but with a little help from us, you can do it.

After you've filled in all the standard resume parts such as personal info, contact, your education history and any previous work experience, you might be wondering what more to add to make your resume hotter.

Especially if you're applying for a job in a larger company, your resume should say more about you than just general info a recruiter might find easily on your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters are in fact not that interested in learning about your history. They want to know what you can do now and what value you'd bring to the company.

As you're not able to communicate that message to them through your education and work experience, work on other resume sections that can.

Improve your skills and strengths part so the recruiter knows you'd be great at the job, point out some of your most notable achievements or let them get to know your personality better by listing your relevant hobbies or extracurricular activities you were engaged in during college.

In other words, go beyond a standard resume format and let it tell more about yourself to the recruiter.

If you need more valuable resume advice, check out this article where you'll also find links to download plenty of great resume templates for free!

So, if you want to stand out and make your resume a hot stuff, check out our infographic below!

7 Things in Your Resume That Will Get You a Job

  • Tomas Ondrejka, Co-founder and CMO at Kickresume
  • Tomas Ondrejka
    Co-founder and CMO at Kickresume
    A lawyer by fate, marketing and personal branding expert by choice. When he’s not behind his laptop, he’s probably taking pictures somewhere on the top of a mountain. Or snowboarding down from there. Often dreams about moving our office to the Alps.

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