Bored at Work? Try These Awesome Online Games

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We aren't saying that you should waste your time in a job. But let's face it. From time to time, there are days when you can be hardly productive. That's when you should try these awesome games...


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solittaired online game

Play dozens of popular solitaire games at this easy to navigate site. Solitaired offers unique features such as unlimited undo, redo, and hint buttons, along with customizable card decks and backgrounds.You can also see how well you score on their global leaderboards.


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Minesweeper is a popular logic-based puzzle game where you clear a grid without detonating hidden mines, using numerical clues to guide you. It's an ideal game to play while bored at work, offering quick mental engagement as the matches are short and sweet.


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Have a little nostalgic moment? There is no way you wouldn't want to waste some time on playing this legendary game. But be careful. It's much more difficult than modern games. We wish you good luck!

Dojo of Death

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This tiny little time waster is a beast. Fight with your Ninja against your enemies. It's simply controlled and simply addicting.

Pandemic 2

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Ever dreamed of destroying the whole world population? Well, keep it cool and play this game. Try to spread a deadly virus across the planet, and kill some time at your job.

Koalas to the Max

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If your are curious and if you like nice shapes, this game might be made exactly for you. Simply kill your time discovering what will happen after you pop all the circles. This is uber-time-killing website.

Text and Drive

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You know you shouldn't text and drive. Not unless you are bored to death at work. Your task is to text with your friend while driving. It is not that easy as you think. Please, do not attempt in real life.


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There is an athlete, who is not that talented in physical activities. You are trying to help him. Run as far as you can. But prepare, it won't be easy. (photo credits by Thomas Leuthard)

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