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Remote Work FAQ

  • What is a remote job?

    Simply put, a remote job is a job that is performed outside of a traditional office.

    In other words, if you aren’t physically in the same building as your co-workers or clients, you’re working remotely.

  • Where to find remote jobs?

    Best sites for finding a remote job are:

    1. FlexJobs
    2. We Work Remotely
    3. JustRemote
    4. AngelList
    5. Hubstaff Talent
  • How to get a remote job?

    To get a remote job, follow this step-by-step guide:

    1. Make sure remote work is really what you want. Start by looking at the pros and cons.
    2. Decide what type of remote job is the right fit for you. Is it strictly remote work? Or do you want a remote job based on your location?
    3. Have a look at remote job offers. Check out remote job boards like FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and JustRemote.
    4. Make sure your preferences align with the policies of the company. Just like for any kind of job.
    5. Tailor your resume for a remote job application. Talk about online tools, software, apps, and programming tools you can use. Include a link to your online portfolio.
    6. Prepare for a virtual job interview. Go through our virtual interview tips.
  • What are the best skills for remote work?

    Here are five skills that you need to have in order to show to an employer that you are a strong candidate for a remote job:

    1. Self-organization. It’s super important to stay motivated and have good organizational skills. There’s going to be no one looking over your shoulder to keep you organized and motivated, so you need to become your own supervisor.
    2. Technical/digital proficiency. Hiring managers who specialize in recruiting remote workers need to see that you’re comfortable with technology, digital platforms, and online tools.
    3. Communication. You may think that if you work from home you won’t have to engage in much communication, but that’s far from the truth. The ability to communicate effectively with your superiors and colleagues is essential, whether that’s via video-calls, phone calls or email.
    4. Independence. Remote workers are usually expected to work independently without too much supervision.
    5. Teamwork. Since virtual teams are more culturally and geographically diverse than ever before, it’s becoming more difficult to coordinate and work effectively as a team. Teamwork skills like conflict management, listening, and reliability are key to successful cooperation.


  • How to work remotely like a pro?

    Take these six quick tips on how to work remotely. They can make the whole thing a bit easier to get into.

    1. Set up a remote office in your home. You’ll find it much easier to get in the work mind-set.
    2. Follow a daily routine or a schedule. It’s much easier to get things done if you set your own personal deadlines for your tasks.
    3. Communicate online. Talk to your colleagues or supervisors just the way you would in an office.
    4. Know when to “leave” work. Don’t lose track of time and know when to sign off.
    5. Find a remote office. If you can’t focus at home, try local coffeeshops, co-working spaces, or rent an office space nearby.
    6. Read our article: Home Office? These 13 Tips Will Help You Stay Productive and Sane

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