Resume of Santa Claus: Science-backed facts you didn’t know

Last edit December 21, 2015

Did you know, that Coca-Cola is responsible for the way Santa looks today? That's the reason he wears Coca-Cola's red and white colors and his figure looks everything but healthy (maybe he drinks too much coke?).

Where does the original image of Santa come from?

Pre-coke-Santa was originally depicted as a tall man in a green or brown bishop's robe. His name was Saint Nicholas, 4th-century Greek Christian bishop born in today's Turkey.

He was famous for his gifts to the poor, and for beeing very religious.

Coca-Cola started Santa advertising in the 1920s, placing their version of Santa drinking coke in several popular magazines.

Santa Claus became so popular throughout the years, that majority of people today don't know, that he is the product of a very successful advertising.

Enjoy your Christmas time and learn more about this generous white-bearded man. Here is what resume of Santa Claus would look like in case, he got fired by Mrs. Claus.

Resume of Santa Claus: Science-backed facts you didn't know

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