Emmanuel Macron's Infographic Resume

From a Teacher’s Pet to French President? Emmanuel Macron’s Infographic Resume

Do you remember those times when the word “nerd” still carried negative connotations? Probably not. It’s difficult to laugh at nerds now that a majority of general public fantasises about Black Widow from time to time.

Still, while nerds have already had their cultural moment with incredibly cool figures like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs paving the way, teacher’s pets have only recently found their champion.

His name is Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron. The new President of France showed all other teacher’s pets in the world they’ve been just a bunch of halfhearted dilettantes.

However, as the Emmanuel Macron's infographic resume below illustrates, he didn’t become the teacher’s favourite through flattery. Teachers loved him first because of his sheer brilliance. And they still remember him more than 30 years later.

Macron's story shows you can be a teacher’s pet and be incredibly cool at the same time.  

Leonard Tenroy, Macron’s former literature teacher, recalls asking him to give a talk on French writer Guy de Maupassant. “Macron spoke without notes for more than an hour, reciting extracts from memory.” His former drama teacher “was totally charmed by his intelligence.”

His professors at Sciences Po described him as “a brilliant pupil” with “original and well-constructed thinking”. They especially stressed his “obvious aptitude for public speaking, as much in substance as in form”. 

Others remember him as an “exceptional student in all respects” with “a lot of intelligence and moral elegance”.

Finally, there’s one teacher in Macron’s life who stands above the rest—his wife Brigitte.

When they first met, Macron was only a 15 years old boy in her drama class. She was 39, a mother of three, and married. Their unlikely love affair continued for another 15 years before they finally got married in 2007.

Today, Brigitte Macron is France’s first lady and Macron still asks her for counsel.

Macron’s success story proves there’s no shame in looking up to one’s teachers, even falling in love with them (and boy, does that happen a lot in movies).

If you want to know more about how he became probably the greatest “teacher’s pet” of all time, check out Emmanuel Macron’s infographic resume below.

Emmanuel Macron's Infographic Resume

Emmanuel Macron infographic resume

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