How Albert Einstein Started – The Life Of Tangled Professor (Infographic)

Last edit June 2, 2015

Who wouldn't love this genius scientist with crazy, curly hair? Albert Einstein was one of the most important figures of 20th century. This theoretical physicist have developed general theory of relativity, with the famous equation E=mc².

In 1921 he received the Nobel Prize for his "services to theoretical physics". Several things are called after him, such as photochemical unit or asteroid 2001 Einstein.

Baby genius - Albert was born on 14. march 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He was part of the jewish family, although they weren't too strict about it.

Albert used to visit catholic school and was forced to play violin by his mum. When Albert was two, his family moved to Munich and shortly after his little sister ''Maja'' was born.

The irony is, that Albert was considered as a ''slow learner''. It could be caused by his dyslexia, shyness and problems with accepting authorities.

After his death, Einstein's brain was observed, which showed that it has unusual structure. Later theories say, that he's had Asperger's syndrome, which is slightly similar to autism.

Myths about his failing at math are not true. He was studying in Swiss, which has different system of scoring - 6 is the best and 1 is the worst.

This fact could lead to missleading informations. Misrepresentation of his school results is proved by the fact, that he joined university at the age of 16.

To avoid military service, he renounced his German citizenship and resigned from Jewish Religion Society. In 1900 he received Zürich Polytechnic teaching diploma along with Swiss citizenship, which he had for the rest of his life.

After that, he has struggled to find a job. At this point, in 1903, he married his girlfriend Mileva Marić. She was a friend with famous scientist - Nikola Tesla and rumors say, that she was co-author of the famous Theory of Relativity.

At this time Albert started to work on his first theories, in which he defined several new physical laws. This work dragged him to the world of important physicists.

By 1908 he became a leading scientist and started to teach at several universities.

In 1916 he released the famous Theory of Relativity, which talks about place time and gravity. In 1919 he married his cousin - Elsa Löwenthal.

As a protest against the nacism he becomes a refugee and moves to the USA in 1933. He was banned to come back to Germany, so he spent the rest of his life in Princeton, New Jersey.

He warn US president about nuclear bombing, and refused to become a president of Israel. His great life journey ends on 18th of april 1955.

Enjoy this beautiful infographic created by Funders and Founders

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