How did Elon Musk Become so Successful? The Journey of his Life Visualized (Infographic)

Last edit March 8, 2016

Mr. Elon Musk does not need much introduction. He is one of the top entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries of our time.

He’s a role model for many businessmen and a great inspiration for young ambitious people.

Not to mention he’s one of the richest people in the United States with about $13 billion to his name.

And the best thing is he earned all these billions thanks to his genius ideas, inexhaustible energy, perseverance and hard work.

As a kid he was determined to know as much as he could and in case there was no one around to teach him, he read book after book to constantly learn.

At school he was bullied and laughed on - most likely for being too smart - which later on proved to be his greatest weapon.

Elon Musk was always good at making money, yet his main incentive is not money at all.

He doesn’t mind risking and losing millions if he truly believes in the project. He strives to discover possibilities our planet Earth gives us and wants to make it a better and more efficient place.

But Elon Musk wouldn't limit himself on this planet only. His space projects are admired worldwide.

And yeah, being a visionary, his ultimate goal is to live and die on Mars.

At the age of 44 he achieved more than most of us wouldn't achieve in five lives time.

Despite all this, he remains a humble guy who has no problem chatting with you on the street. And he never gives up! That’s why we love him.

Enjoy this beautiful infographic created by Funders and Founders.


Source: Funders and Founders

  • Tomas Ondrejka, Co-founder and CMO at Kickresume
  • Tomas Ondrejka
    Co-founder and CMO at Kickresume
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