People Are Still Quitting (2022 Resignation Statistics)

Last edit January 18, 2023

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Did you think the Great Resignation was over? The most recent BLS report on quits in 2022 is yet another proof that people are still voluntarily leaving their jobs en masse.

Last year, a staggering 4 million Americans left their jobs every month on average. November 2022 saw almost 4.2 million employees quit their employment.

One million people left the trade, transportation & utilities sector in November 2022

When we look closer at individual industries, the highest number of quits (1 million in November 2022) in the US was recorded in trade, transportation and utilities. Just a month prior, the figure was lower by 73,000 resignations.

Another industry that saw a significant increase in quits within one month (+85,000) was health care and social assistance. As many as 600,000 people decided to resign from their positions in November 2022.

On the other hand, in the financial industry, the number of quits over the past five months remained relatively stable. As many as 149,000 employees resigned their jobs on average each month.

Taking into account the quits rate (the number of resignations as the percentage of total employment), accommodation and food services reached a high of 6.4 percent in November 2021. This number dropped to 5.7 percent the year after (yet this is the highest quits rate among all industries).

Why are people quitting their jobs?

In early 2021, employees started quitting their jobs willingly in great numbers, reaching 47 million at the end of the year. All that may have started in the wake of the pandemic, but it’s still an ongoing economic trend.

And in 2022, the most cited reasons for leaving one’s job were low pay (63 percent), lack of advancement (63 percent), or feeling disrespected (57 percent)

Another reason for leaving one’s job that should not be overlooked is a lack of schedule flexibility (45%). In fact, many view flextime as one of their crucial requirements when considering a job offer. And it’s not even surprising.

People found it easy to find a new job

Quitting a job is not easy. But once employees had done it, they actually found it rather simple to land a new one. To be exact, 94 percent of those who left their employment reported that finding a new one was at least fairly easy. And it’s surely understandable, given the astounding 55 percent rise in employment opportunities between 2021 and 2022.

Have you ever thought of leaving your job but didn’t know how to tell your boss? These 10 tips will surely help you quit the right way.

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