Top 7 Fastest Growing Jobs Between 2021 and 2031

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Are you considering changing your current job? Or are you simply exploring career paths before you put your foot in the door at your dream company? In any respect, you may want to think about the future prospects of a job before you make that choice.

Job growth is a key indicator of how quickly an economy is expanding. In the U.S., it’s measured by the number of workers added to nonfarm payrolls each month. And currently, it’s nurse practitioners who are expected to lead the way in generating the most job openings over the next decade.

The U.S. economy expects 8.3M new jobs created by 2031

Based on the BLS Employment Projections, the American economy is expected to create 8.3 million new jobs between 2021 and 2031. And total employment is estimated to grow from 158.1 million to 166.5 million, increasing by 0.5 percent every year.

Given the lingering consequences of the pandemic and the ongoing Big Quit, it’s surely hard to predict the job growth rate accurately. Even so, the BLS brings us the list of professions expected to grow faster than any other jobs between 2021 and 2031.

Nurse practitioners have the highest projected job growth rate

Generally, the healthcare & social assistance sector is anticipated to create the most positions between 2021 and 2031. And there will be an especially high demand for positions that involve caring for the elderly, according to new projections.

Nurse practitioners, in particular, have the highest projected growth rate at 46 percent.

A master’s degree is required for the APRN jobs of nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, and nurse practitioner. Additionally, they need to pass a national certification test and have a state-issued license.

And while the barrier to entry into these jobs is relatively high, in May 2021 the average annual pay for related occupations was $123,780, which is well above the national average. 

Wind turbine technicians fall behind nurses just by 2%

A wind turbine service technician is yet another profession that can expect a comparatively faster growth rate than other jobs — 42%.

That indicates that an increasingly larger number of workers will be needed to install, maintain, and fix an increasingly larger number of wind turbines. It is expected that every year over the next decade, more than 1,900 wind turbine technician jobs will become available in the U.S.

So what exactly will you need to land a job like this? The majority of wind turbine servicing technicians receive their training at technical schools. But they also learn their trade while on the job.

What about other fast-growing jobs?

If nurse practitioners or wind turbine technicians weren’t enough to pique your interest, you might want to check out the other fast growing vocations on the list:

Ushers and ticket takers (41 percent)
Motion picture projectionists (40 percent)
Cooks (37 percent)
Data scientists (36 percent)
Athletes and sports competitors (36 percent)
Information security analysts (35 percent)
Statisticians (33 percent)
Umpires and referees (32 percent)

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