Balancing the Outdoors: Jobs with the Perfect Amount of Fresh Air

Last edit March 8, 2023

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Are you sick of staring at the same four walls day in and out? Do you long for a job that allows you to breathe in fresh air and occasionally dodge a falling acorn? Outdoor jobs are the perfect antidote to cubicle-induced claustrophobia.

From planting trees to monitoring beaches, there’s a whole world of rewarding jobs waiting for you in the great outdoors.

In 2020, a total of 4.3 percent of civilian employees in the U.S. had a job that demanded them to work outside for over two-thirds of their working hours.

Nearly 90 percent of landscapers and groundskeepers work outdoors

While the overall number of outdoor workers is fairly low, there’s one job that practically guarantees you’ll be spending over two-thirds of your workday outside — and that’s landscaping and groundskeeping.

In fact, this job has a whopping 89.9-percent chance of keeping you out in the fresh air and sunshine all the time.

And if you decide to go for this line of work, you’ll be surely pleased to learn that about 179,600 openings for grounds maintenance workers are projected each year in the U.S. On top of it, you may not need a formal educational credential. Groundskeepers are basically trained on the job.

However, like any profession, landscaping and groundskeeping has its own set of potential drawbacks. Physical strain, adverse weather conditions, and exposure to chemicals are among the factors that can offset the benefits of working in this field.

Most construction workers are constantly outdoors

Construction is another career path that provides ample opportunity to work outdoors. To be exact, 79 percent of construction employees spend more than two-thirds of their workday outside.

While it’s true that the job can be hazardous and fast-paced, those who are able to put those concerns aside will find that working in this field offers a number of advantages. And we’re not just referring to diverse career opportunities, but also the chance to work with the latest technologies.

Occupations that offer 2-33 percent of the outdoor time

Do you enjoy fresh air, but not too much? Maybe just 2-33 percent of the outdoor time is enough for you.

If so, the following occupations will most likely offer just that: preschool teachers, truck drivers, childcare workers, carpenters, reporters, construction managers.

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