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10+ IT Resume Examples That Got People Hired at Microsoft, Google, Dell, IBM, and More

If you're looking to land a job at prestigious tech giants like Microsoft, Google or Dell, having a top-notch IT resume is essential. To help you craft one yourself, we've put together 10+ real IT resume examples that have helped people secure jobs at these companies.

In a nutshell, when crafting an IT resume:

  • Showcasing your technical expertise in the Skills section is key. 
  • Your Work Experience section should include powerful action verbs, which demonstrate your responsibilities and achievements. 
  • The most important sections like Skills and Experience should go at the top.
  • Utilizing the F-shaped reading pattern in your resume is a good way to steer attention towards the essential information.

So, if you want to score a cool job in a future-shaping field like cloud computing, big data, or information security — a well-structured tech resume is a good place to start.

Without further ado, here are 10+ real IT resume examples that got people hired at some of the top tech companies.

Disclaimer: These IT resume examples were published with the consent of their creators. They were made using Kickresume’s templates. The resumes were anonymized, that is unless their author specified that they wanted their real name and information made public.

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1. Microsoft Resume Example: Cloud Program Manager 

Let's start our list of  IT resume examples with one of the biggest companies out there. 

The following Microsoft resume relies on a packed skills section. Some of the microsoft skills on this resume include various Azure capabilities, SQL, or machine learning. The big guns!

The MS resume also doesn’t fall short of giving priority to a brief resume summary. It’s the best way to make a good first impression through a small and easy-to-digest paragraph.

Also, take a look at the dominance of powerful action verbs in the Work Experience section. These get straight to the point and illustrate the responsibilities and achievements of the applicant right away.

Cloud Program Manager at Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud Program Manager Resume Sample

2. Oracle: Senior IT Operations Engineer Resume Example

People usually read resumes from top to bottom. So, the top section of your resume should contain the most important information you have to offer. Hence, it’s important to perfect the top section of your tech resume.

If your Work Experience section speaks of your qualifications and achievements better than the list of your programming skills, move it to the top.

Also, notice how more recent jobs contain more information than older ones. Especially for senior positions, it’s very likely that hiring managers will be interested only in the 3-4 most recent jobs you had.

Lastly, listing not only what you’re offering but also what you’re searching for can help the employer see you're up for a lasting professional relationship. 

Senior IT Operations Engineer at Oracle

Oracle Senior IT Operations Engineer Resume Example

3. Air France: Full-stack Developer Resume Example

There's simply no denying the French have style. The elegance of this visually appealing resume makes it stand out from a pile of average documents on the HR manager’s desk.

There’s a number of graphic elements that help build an easy-to-navigate resume:

  • icons that represent individual sections
  • stars that evaluate the level of candidate’s programming skills
  • labels that pin down candidate’s strengths
  • bar graphs that describe soft skills

You can populate your resume with virtually anything, but always remember to strive for consistency. Your IT resume needs to look coherent and make a decent first impression in the first place.

Full-stack Developer at Air France

Air France Full-stack Developer Resume Example

4. Google Resume Example: Server Manufacturing Supervisor 

This is a fine example of how even a single page resume can help you get a job at Google, if it's impactful.

You should quantify your achievements in your tech resume wherever possible. Similar to this resume, consider using phrases like: 

  • increased by 10%
  • boosted by 12%
  • improved from 70% to 88%

The only thing that’s missing from the resume are dates of employment. This might be the result of an attempt to conceal larger employment gaps from the resume. Or just pure negligence of that final check.

Server Manufacturing Supervisor at Google

Google Server Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Example

5. Accenture: Software Engineering Team Lead Resume Sample

Are you a young professional with a short job history but some notable accomplishments? Emphasize them by creating a separate section of Achievements, making your success story speak for itself.

The following resume also excels at utilizing horizontal eye movements of the F-shaped reading pattern. Using two columns, it manages to put all relevant information into a single page. With the most important sections in the right place, it allows hiring managers to quickly scan for the key info.

Software Engineering Team Lead at Accenture

Accenture Software Engineering Team Lead Resume Sample

6. Dell: GCP Program Manager Resume Example

Fresh graduates often struggle with their resumes because they feel embarrassed by the absence of work experience. However, there are many other things that will make up for it.

If you’ve been building up your skills in industry-relevant part-time jobs, don’t hesitate to include them in the Work Experience section of your tech resume. Just like this applicant did.

Also, think about any voluntary work that you did during college. Mention your extracurricular activities on your resume to portray yourself as an action-oriented individual that’s willing to cooperate.

GCP Program Manager at Dell

Dell GCP Program Manager Resume Example

7. IBM: Software Engineer Resume Example

If you’ve completed any job-related courses or hold any relevant certifications, they need to appear on your resume. You need to show you weren’t lazy during your job search and invested some time in developing your professional competencies in the meantime.

This applicant did a great job of including a short, yet strong resume objective to describe his motivations. 

Also, it’s not a bad idea to get a bit creative with your resume to say things you want to say. Look at the way Mohamed chose to tell the company he devotes a large portion of his day to programming. Besides his love for computers, “My typical day” section also reveals a lot about his personal life and healthy work-life balance.

Software Engineer at IBM

IBM Software Engineer IT Resume Example

8. Save the Children: IT Project Manager Resume Sample

This three-page resume is hard to beat.

It has all the components of a successful resume — a powerful personal statement, extensive work experience with a numbered list of key responsibilities, honestly assessed programming and language skills, certifications with a date of completion.

Although they're usually provided “upon request”, it’s good to prepare and obtain your professional references in advance. Try to get at least two of them — one by an academic referee and the other from one of your former employers.

IT Project Manager at Save the Children

Save the Children IT Project Manager Resume Sample

9. Amazon: Systems Administrator Resume Example

Remember that whatever your profile statement says needs to go hand in hand with the rest of your resume. If you choose to make any claims about your personality, make sure they're backed up by your actions.

Caroline’s motto “if I don’t know something I will learn it” is a very fitting description of her steep career trajectory. Starting off as an intern, Carolina worked as a junior employee only to become a system administrator a few months later. And all of that during her studies!

Systems Administrator at Amazon

Amazon Systems Administrator IT Resume Example

10. Akka: Mobile Developer Resume Example

Another one of our IT resume examples proves how easy it is to use your tech resume to promote your portfolio.

Most HR managers will review your resume online so make sure to link your Google Play or App Store products. You can even include websites of the companies that you worked for.

Also, notice how the section of job-related skills introduces a variety of adjectives to describe the applicant’s abilities, doing away with dry facts and replacing them with juicy phrases instead.

Mobile Developer at Akka

Akka Mobile Developer IT Resume Example

11. Ericsson: Junior Software Developer Resume Example

Yet another one of our IT resume examples which makes excellent use of the F-shaped reading patter. 

Notice how the two most important parts of this resume — the Work Experience and Skills sections — are both at the upper part of the resume. This essentially draws the attention of the reader to these two sections right from the get-go. 

Speaking of the Skills section, this applicant made a very smart decision to split this section into three thematic categories

  • Languages
  • Programming languages
  • Technologies / Programs 

This way, it’s really easy for the reader to find what capabilities the applicant has and at what level. 

Junior Software Developer CV Sample

ericsson Junior Software Developer CV Sample

12. Intel: IT Analyst Resume Example

The last one of our IT resume examples places the most emphasis on the Work Experience section. Hence, this is the longest and most detailed of the sections. 

This candidate makes great use of action-oriented verbs when describing his tasks in bullet points. These verbs are shorter, clearer, and bring a level of confidence to your resume.  That's why using action-oriented verbs can make your resume more engaging and easier to read.

Here are some examples of action verbs used in this tech resume:

  • Conceptualized
  • Executed
  • Aided
Intel IT Analyst Resume Example

IT resume: final tips

Achieving a great IT career isn’t only about your technical capabilities. A lengthy list of all programming languages you know will never substitute for a well-structured resume that describes you as a well-rounded candidate.

Let’s recap some of the main resume tips we learned by examining 10+ IT resume examples belonging to real people who got hired by popular tech companies:

  1. Essential sections, such as Skills or Work Experience, go to the top of the resume. 
  2. Use action-oriented verbs, such as accelerated, implemented, reduced, etc.
  3. Make use of the F-shaped reading pattern.
  4. Quantify your achievements.
  5. Include relevant part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, or voluntary work.
  6. Use your tech resume to promote your portfolio.
  7. Split the Skills section into multiple categories.

Or simply check out the developer resume video guide below.

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