Job Hunting in the Digital Age (Infographic)

Last edit August 16, 2016

Job hunting has changed in a lot of ways since HR departments began searching for potential candidates online.

This may lead you to find your online presence to be an ally when it comes to your online job hunt.

Your online presence is vital, allowing you to engage with recruiters around the world in exciting and powerful ways.

Your Digital Footprint is an Essential Online Job Hunting Tool

Research suggests that 75 percent of hiring managers will Google potential candidates to find out more about them.

This is great, depending on what you have online, because your digital presence can also damage your job hunting prospects.

Similar studies have found that 70 percent of job hunters were turned down due to a negative digital footprint.

Build a Professional Profile for Your Job Hunt

The infographic below details the all the essential elements you can employ to boost your digital presence professionally.

Essential aspects such as keeping your social media accounts locked to those HR recruiters. Simply set them to private, or clean up your social media profiles.

Other superb social media tips such as creating a digital resume via YouTube or Vimeo are job hunting expert advice.

Developing professional social media accounts also make your digital presence invaluable. This will let you post industry related content and blogs, which will build your following, add value to your skills, and is also great for networking.

Let Your Digital Footprint Open Doors, Not Lock Them Forever

Balancing your job hunt with a positive digital footprint is the first of many important ways to land the job you want. Or at least get you passed the HR gatekeeper for an interview. This makes your digital footprint absolutely essential to develop.

It literally defines you as a potential candidate and it can also separate you from the huge pack of other job hungry candidates.

Building an expert LinkedIn profile is easy to do on a Saturday afternoon, and it can elevate your job hunt to new levels. In fact, 89 percent of recruiters have hired candidates via LinkedIn.

Employing these digital job hunting tips will raise your marketability as a potential candidate. Make your digital footprint a priority and place importance on your talents in a powerful way.

Check out more great tips below and happy job hunting.


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