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10 Job Application Email Templates: Just Copy, Personalize & Send to Land Your Dream Job

Last edit September 7, 2023

Is your job search lacking momentum? Are you tired of making phone calls that don't get picked up and messages that get ignored? It might be the perfect time to consider job application email templates to re-energize your search.

Are you asking, “Isn’t email dead, though?” 

Contrary to popular belief, emails remain a prime method of communication in the professional world. 

Using an articulate and well-structured job application email can help your application stand out and catch the eye of recruiters

After all, it shows more initiative than just filling in a form or clicking apply

Thinking about the different situations you might face while searching for a job, we've designed a set of 10 job application email templates. These email templates for job applications will give you the help you need at any stage of the hiring process.

1. Job application email

Let’s start with the most fundamental situation – you saw a job ad, and now you want to apply. 

Crafting an effective job application email is a key step. It’s your first interaction with potential employers and it sets the tone for further communication.

What makes a strong job application email? 

The answer lies in three simple elements: 

  • clarity 
  • brevity
  • relevance

A clear subject line and concise body text that links your qualifications to the job requirements are crucial. Equally important is ending your email with gratitude and your contact details, giving recruiters an easy way to respond.

How to write a job application email

The following template serves as a comprehensive guide to help you craft a clear and concise job application email. Feel free to tailor it to your own voice and the specific job you're applying for.

Job application email template

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2. Cold email for unadvertised job

Most of the time, job vacancies aren’t advertised. Often, they've been filled even before the job posting hits job search platforms. 

So, how do you tap into this hidden job market?

The answer, surprisingly, is cold emailing.

Before you shrug it off, imagine this. You come across a company that’s the ideal fit for your skills, and you can really see yourself building a future there. The only issue? They haven’t posted any job openings. 

Do you wait and hope they post something soon? Of course not! You take matters into your own hands.

How to inquire about a job that is not posted

Use this template as a starting point to express your interest, to highlight your unique skills, and to convince them of your compatibility with their company culture, despite the lack of job postings.

Email template: Applying to an unadvertised job

3. Internship

Not all roads to the top start with a full-time job. Sometimes, taking a smaller but significant step, like an internship, can help you inch closer to your dream career. 

Whether you're a fresh graduate, an individual thinking of switching industries, or someone testing the waters before committing to a career path, an internship is a powerful springboard. 

It can open the doors to an industry or company that may seem hard to break into through traditional job applications. 

How to apply for an internship via email

Below is the perfect email template for your internship applications. Note that it differs slightly from a conventional job application email. 

An internship email must spotlight your:

  • capacity to learn quickly
  • enthusiasm for the field
  • any relevant academic or extracurricular experiences
  • seminars or projects 
  • commitment to the industry

Email template: Internship

4. Networking

Let's start with the people you already know.

Chances are you know a bunch of brilliant people with even more brilliant careers. So why not use these valuable contacts during you’re job searching, too?

Use the following template to reach out to your network of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives and let them know about your job search.

Focus on people who work in the industry or type of job you’re considering. Asking your grandpa for connections might be cute, but totally useless.

You may not get a response from everyone, but that's fine. People will remember you and if an opportunity comes up, they will get back to you.

Job application email template: Networking

This email template can help you reach out to existing or new contacts. It shows you're active, ready and excited to look for new job opportunities.

Email template for networking

5. Getting referrals

With a bit of exaggeration, referrals can move mountains.

They can boost your credibility and reputation by being introduced by someone who can vouch for you — or at least say a few nice things about you.

This type of email (sent to a friend, peer, or colleague) can help you with a direct introduction to a recruiter or hiring manager.

Unless you're too demanding and annoying, people are generally always willing to help out. Pick a handful of your most trusted contacts and ask them for a favor using the following template.

How to ask someone to be a reference via email

The email template below outlines the key points to include in a job application email template that would portray your keenness towards a job role and your respect for the contact's professional insight.

Email template: Asking for a referral

Not quite feeling this particular template? Have a look at 3 more email templates for how to ask someone to be a reference.

6. Asking industry professionals for career advice

Whether you want to talk to industry professionals, recruiters, managers, or your peers that have interesting jobs, don't hesitate to ask them for a rendezvous.

Informational interviews and casual meetings in a cafe are valuable networking opportunities. The more people you talk to, the more informed your career decisions will be.

(And don't forget to pay for the coffee!)

How to ask for career advice in an email

Here's an email template that's sure to get you a meeting with almost anyone you ask. While it may feel intimidating to reach out, asking for guidance can open doors for you in the professional world. 

Email template: How to ask for career advice

7. Follow up email after application 

Remember, recruiters are pretty busy. Most of them have dozens of applications to read every day and only a limited amount of time to do so.

So after you send in your resume, cover letter, and your job application, wait for a couple of days before following up with an email.

How to write a follow up email after a job application

This template will give them a little nudge and let them know you're taking your job search seriously.

Email template: Job application follow up

8. Thank you email after interview

You've made it through the interview. Congratulations! 

Now, don't forget to send a thank you email after an interview

It's not just a formality. A simple thank you note can leave a lasting impression that will improve your chances to land the job you want.

First, make sure to send it really soon — within two hours of the actual interview. Promptness shows you’re responsive, courteous and know how to take action.

Second, keep it short and specific enough to stimulate the recruiter's memory. Include something catchy that you talked about and that made you both feel comfortable.

How to write a thank you email after an interview

The featured template helps you express appreciation for the interviewer's time, confirms your interest in the role, touches upon specific topics discussed during the interview, and subtly emphasizes your fitness for the position. 

Email template: Thank you note after interview

9. Turning down a job offer email

You got the job. But, for whatever reason, you don’t want it.

You may naturally feel you're going to upset everyone who took time to review your application, interview you or speak to you over the phone.

Fortunately, you can turn down a job offer without burning your bridges or sounding arrogant and careless. A well-formulated email can actually help you portray yourself as a fair, responsible and confident person.

That sounds like a great deal, doesn't it?

How to write an email turning down a job offer

The attached template provides guidance on appreciating the offer while conveying your decision thoughtfully.

Understanding the importance of leaving on good terms, it highlights the need for gratitude, clear communication, and maintaining potential for future interactions.

Email template: Turning down a job offer

10. Reaching out after an event/webinar email

Have you ever been inspired by a speaker at a webinar, conference, or industry event and desired to connect with them?

Industry events present golden opportunities to interact with significant industry figures and potential employers. To harness these opportunities, follow-up is key. 

However, striking the balance between eagerness and respect for their time is crucial. Your email should be clear, concise, and capture why you’re reaching out. 

How to reach out to a company after a career event

Below, we offer an ideal template for such contact, ensuring you explain your interest and leave a positive impression to extend your network and potentially bring yourself closer to the job of your dreams.

Email template: Applying for a job after an event

Key takeaways: Job search email templates

You may have thought writing emails was a thing of the past. Well, it's not.

Email is very much alive in the business world and has an important place in the hiring process.

Mastering the art of email writing is just as important as being well-versed in crafting your resume or cover letter.

Remember, your communication style speaks of your values and your principles.

If you do a sloppy job, you can't expect someone to take you seriously. If you, on the other hand, invest some time in learning the basics of effective communication, everybody will recognize your effort to convey a clear message.

Just three things: Stay clear, stay concise, and stay professional.

FAQ: Job application email template

  • How to start a job application email template?

    You can never go wrong with starting by saying “Dear [hiring manager’s name],

    My name is [your name], and I would like to apply for the position of [position] at [name of the company]. Please find attached my resume and cover letter for your consideration.

    Then, continue to describe your experience, skills, and motivation for applying.

  • What is a job application email template?

    A job application email template is a pre-designed format or guide that helps you write a professional email when applying for a job. It typically includes sections for the salutation, introduction, explaining your qualifications and interest in the job, and a closing note.

  • Why is using a job application email template beneficial in my job hunt?

    Using a job application email template is beneficial in your job hunt because it can save you time and reduce stress as it provides a structural guide. It ensures you include all necessary information in an organized manner, preventing crucial details from being left out.

  • How do I tailor a job application email template to make it specific to the job I am applying for?

    The templates we providein this article include squared brackets with guidance on what information you should insert. You should also be honest and not make things up, because that can complicate the process.

  • How do I send my CV via email?

    1. Start by writing a clear and concise subject line (for example, 'Job Application - Your Name - Position'). 
    2. Write a professional and courteous job application email using formal language. Mention the job you're applying for, briefly explain why you're a good fit, and express interest in the role. 
    3. Attach your updated CV to the email. 
    4. Before sending, make sure you've attached the correct document and check the email for any spelling or grammar mistakes. 
    5. Once everything is in place, address the email to the correct person, and hit 'send'.

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