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20 Real Marketing Resume Examples That Got People Hired at Nike, Google or Yamaha

Want to work with leading global brands on their marketing strategies? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 20 real marketing resume examples by real people who got hired by the world’s top companies. 

We took a close look at these resume examples and explored what it is exactly that made them stand out and be successful. 

We found that crafting a killer marketing resume boils down to two main aspects: content and design

  • Content. Your content should align with the job description and highlight your skills, achievements, and experiences
  • Design. In the same way that smart design can highlight key aspects in marketing, a clean, organized resume layout can guide your reader's attention to crucial elements. 

Our real marketing resume samples will help you see the impact of the form and content going hand in hand. In the end, they got people hired at Google, Nike, Yamaha, L'Oréal, or even at the Government of Canada!

Disclaimer: These marketing resume examples were published with the consent of their creators. They were made using Kickresume’s templates. The resumes were anonymized, that is unless their author specified that they wanted their real name and information made public.

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1. Nike: Retail Brand Specialist Resume Example

Nike is a global, trend setting brand. Hence, if you want to become one of the company’s marketing specialists, you need to show that you know where you’re heading too. 

This marketing resume example shows a young individual with a visual taste that matches the company’s energy. You don’t even need to speak Swedish to see the features that make this resume readable.

Moreover, look at the balance between paragraphs and bullet points and how they convey the message in a different way. Bullet points talk about Sienna’s key tasks, each line being introduced by a powerful action verb.  The short paragraphs in italics, on the other hand, contain Sienna’s first person narrative of challenges and professional achievements.

Retail Brand Specialist at Nike

real marketing resume examples

To see the full, two-page version of the resume, click directly on the image.

2. Google: Team Leader Resume Example

First, the length of this resume is fairly impressive. But hey, it’s no fluff — only relevant work experience. However, it might surprise you that older jobs are lacking a description. Why is that?

If you have a long story to tell, remember to focus on the 3-4 most recent jobs you had. Likely, hiring managers won’t be very keen on reading an extensive chronicle of your whole professional life.

Also, there’s simply no better way of demonstrating your achievements than with numbers. Notice how numbers appear throughout the whole marketing resume wherever possible. Therefore, if you can quantify your career, do it. Google likes it.

Team Leader at Google

real marketing resume examples

3. Sheraton: Marketing Manager Resume Example

The following marketing manager resume boasts an especially powerful marketing professional summary section. It includes the most important pieces of information in just four sentences. Nothing unnecessary or non-relevant.

The comprehensive summary helps you prioritize information you want the hiring manager to see first. This is ideal for someone looking for high-paying marketing jobs. For Aisha Hakim, this meant highlighting her extensive experience and admirable linguistic skills.

Furthermore, she also included marketing awards. This is a smart move that got her hired at such a multicultural company as Sheraton.

Marketing Manager at Sheraton

real marketing resume examples

4. Yamaha: E-commerce Executive Resume Example

The marketing resume of Juliam won’t tell us what he looks like, but we know he scored a cool job at Yamaha. If you want to learn more about the inclusion of your photo on your resume, check our article Should You Put Your Picture on Your Resume?

Besides the photo, what makes this one so special? See how the bullet points govern the structure of the resume and list the key responsibilities under each position. Also, notice how the visually dominant labels help the hiring managers see the chronology in the experience and education sections. A smooth journey, so to say.

E-commerce Executive at Yamaha

real marketing resume examples

5. Hummingbird: Marketing Director Resume Sample

If you’re applying for a senior marketing position, you can get away with a wordier resume. The point is to describe your wealth of experience in a enough detailed manner.

The marketing director resume below has a detailed marketing professional summary and includes all the necessary information: a professional title, years of experience in the field and key marketing skills. In the work experience descriptions, Meghan focuses on job duties and also lists key achievements — context plus impact.

Still, this resume could benefit from a clearer structure. Although it’s divided into several resume sections, its structure within these sections leaves much to be desired. Remember that nobody likes reading walls of text. When writing your own marketing director resume, try to use bullet points. They make your resume nice and easier to read.

Marketing Director at Hummingbird

resume sample marketing director at hummingbird

6. Philips: Marketing Management Intern Resume Sample

Students and fresh graduates often lack experience but exude passion for what they want to do. To write a good marketing internship resume, you need to describe yourself as a motivated and enthusiastic individual. So, what’s the secret of Dennis Bondarev’s resume that got him hired at Philips?

The lesson is — build your resume on your strengths points, not weaknesses. Focus on your soft skills, highlight your education and show off the certificates that you’ve earned so far. Then, just watch your experience grow with every internship you get.

Marketing Management Intern at Philips

real marketing resume examples

7. Planetromeo: Social Media Officer Resume Example

Marketing is tied closely with the company’s philosophy and its objectives. Consequently, it’s the social media officer who is responsible for shaping the voice of the company in the online world.

The introductory paragraph of Joseph’s resume conveys a clear message: “I share your values and vision, and we will work towards a common goal.” Don’t shy away from including details from your personal life if it has something to do with the position you’re applying to. After all, it’s stories we live, not dry facts.

Social Media Officer at Planetromeo

social media officer resume example

8. Hyatt-Regency: Marketing Communications Manager Resume Sample

See how the clean layout and logical structure makes the resume easy to read. The bullet point is not the only tool for listing individual tasks in your Work experience section. Instead of bullet points and commas, you can come up with something more creative like vertical lines to divide your keywords.

Marketing Communications Manager at Hyatt-Regency

real marketing resume examples

9. L'Oréal: Marketing Manager Resume Example

Being able to present yourself is one of the key skills the hiring managers seek. If they can see that you have a knack for the art of presentation, they’ll instantly recognise your potential.

Marketing is all about customers’ eyes. The bullet points introduce key responsibilities in short phrases and give the resume sample a powerful visual element. One may argue the icons for the job seeker’s hobbies are redundant, but they'll for sure catch the reader’s attention.

Another thing that makes this marketing resume great is mentioning notable clients such as Kinder Chocolate. And, of course, including relevant marketing certifications.

Marketing Manager at L'Oréal

real marketing resume example

10. Hard Rock Cafe: Copywriter Resume Example

The position of copywriter at Hard Rock Cafe asks for something eccentric, and that’s exactly what this marketing CV stands for. It’s bold and creative, uses bright colors and an unusual font type. 

Unless you step into the realm of Comic Sans, there’s a high chance you can pick an original typeface that the hiring manager will appreciate. Use it for the headlines, but keep the body text clean by using one of the standard fonts like Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman.

Another thing that makes this copywriter resume special is mentioning notable sites and publications that Nora wrote for. She even added a link to her copywriting portfolio which is a great way to show off your work.

Last but not least, one of the smart ways to demonstrate that you are skilled in communication is including your social media accounts too. But don’t forget to clean up your social media presence first!

Copywriter at Hard Rock Cafe

real marketing resume examples

11. American Eagle: Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Example

As a brand ambassador manager, you’ll be required to demonstrate that you know how to lead and work with people. So, that's exactly what Bryant did in his marketing resume. In a few bullet points under the work experience section, he describes how he led consumer research and also a multi-functional team to deliver new product developments.

Moreover, he talks about other notable achievements and backs them up with quantifiable results — not only in the work experience section, but also in education.

To make it even more impactful, you could highlight numbers in bold font so they'll immediately catch the attention of hiring managers.

Marketing and Brand Manager at American Eagle

Marketing and Brand Manager Resume Example

12. Government of Canada: Digital Media Manager Resume Example

Digital marketers should think about promoting themselves digitally. That's exactly what Ariel did by adding a link to her website at the top of her resume (although we had to anonymize it).

But that's not the only thing that makes her digital marketing resume great. For instance, Ariel was on Justin Trudeau’s social media team, being responsible for his official social media accounts. Cool, right?

What’s more, the way she wrote her resume is at least as impressive as her accomplishments. Notice how she always goes straight to the point when describing her past work experiences. You immediately know what her role was and how exactly she contributed to the overall success of her team — because she includes specific data.

She also optimized her resume with digital marketing keywords like “social media, content strategy, UX research, Photoshop”. And both recruiters and ATS systems like that.

Digital Media Manager at Government of Canada

Digital Media Manager Resume Example

13. Harbour Space University: Sales and Marketing CV Example

Gorkem landed an English-speaking job in sales and marketing at a tech hub in Barcelona thanks to his cut-to-the-chase marketing CV. So, if you're a fresh graduate too, your resume should focus mainly on your education and relevant experience.

Just like Gorkem's marketing resume does. Even though he doesn't have marketing work experience yet, he outlines relevant skills like communication, creativity and teamwork. Even more importantly, he included an award section with quantifiable descriptions.

While these accomplishments are linked to his studies and the results are above average, just by including them, the resume appears more professional and he makes an impression of a hard-working and detail-oriented person. And that's exactly what a fresh-graduate's resume needs.

Also, his hobbies section is a breeze of fresh air. Non-generic hobbies like dancing tango and salsa will add a nice touch of personality to your marketing resume.

For those considering university-based marketing roles, there are plenty of university marketing jobs listed by The Times Higher Education that can provide insight and opportunities.

Sales and Marketing at Harbour Space University

Sales and Marketing CV Example

14. ThermoFisher Scientific: Marketing Strategist Resume Sample

ThermoFisher is the world leader in serving science. That said, Kyle knew exactly how to catch their attention.

His marketing resume starts with an impressive marketing professional summary where he highlights his job title and experience of working for Fortune 500 companies. He also outlines his expertise in various marketing spheres. 

Moreover, his resume is packed with relevant marketing keywords and action verbs. Words like “developed, implemented, managed, executed, established, created” will make your work experience descriptions sound much more impactful!

Marketing Strategist at ThermoFisher

real marketing CV examples

15. Big Cartel: Digital Marketing Resume Sample

Megi's digital marketing resume is rather short, but 1-2 pages is the ideal length for your marketing resume, especially if you don't have more than 10 years of work experience.

It has a clean structure and enough white space. But even though the resume template is rather simple, Megi still manages to make her marketing resume stand out by using various graphic elements — like mixing two colors, using bullet points, or displaying skill levels with progress bars.

However, when listing her work experiences, she doesn't use a chronological resume format. If you're an experienced professional, we'd recommend to list your work experience chronologically and start with the most recent job. It's the most used resume format and a favorite among recruiters, too.

Digital Marketing at Big Cartel

Digital Marketing Resume Example

16. Streamworks: Media Specialist Intern Resume Example

This marketing resume example cleverly highlights what the student candidate has to offer, making the most of limited work experience

The projects section is a genius idea. It's a strategic way of demonstrating applied skills and knowledge which makes up for the lack of professional experience. Each project showcases Roman's hands-on engagement in the field of marketing — from branding and digital analytics, to even creating a campaign proposal. 

Roman also highlights a broad list of relevant skills such as Adobe software, public speaking, and Google Analytics. He's savvy with tech skills, making him a catch for employers, even as a student.

Media Specialist Intern at Streamworks

real marketing resume example

17. Adidas: Sales Representative Resume Example

This Adidas sales rep resume stands out due to its detailed work experience and an impressive list of extra courses.

In the work experience section, the use of bullet points is spot-on. Each responsibility is neatly summed up, showing his diverse roles. From sales to marketing strategies to market research, it's clear Nick has had a progressive career. It’s like we're watching him grow and evolve professionally.

Additionally, the extra courses section reinforces this growth narrative. Continuous learning is a marker of a dedicated professional, and Nick proves just that. By learning about different areas such as technical and marketing software, Nick positions himself as a versatile candidate.

Sales Representative at Adidas

real marketing resume example

18. IKEA: E-commerce Operations Manager Resume Example

The reason why this resume stands out is its robust skills section and quantified achievements

In the skills section, language proficiency is showcased in four languages — a valuable asset in the e-commerce industry which operates across different geographies. The IT skills, meanwhile, underline Mary's hard skills. Additionally, the proficiency level is shown for each skill, which is very handy.

What's also impressive is Mary’s achievements section. By quantifying her accomplishments, Mary provides concrete evidence of her capabilities, showing her actions led to significant improvements (“...reducing instances of online out of stock by 40%”).

E-commerce Operations Manager at IKEA

real marketing resume example

19. WIND Hellas: Digital Marketer Resume Example

The resume summary pulls you right in, painting Nikitas as focused, experienced (10+ years in Marketing), and highly motivated. It signals Nikitas is a go-getter who welcomes challenges.

A glance at his professional experience leaves no doubt about his expertise. With a career spanning over a decade, he's knowledgeable in various marketing fields — from customer experience to CRM operations. 

What's even more impressive is his well-organized skills section, divided into 4 categories: Marketing & Communication, Digital Marketing, Systems, and Languages. It makes it easier for recruiters to understand his areas of expertise. 

Digital Marketer at WIND Hellas

marketing resume example

20. Merck: Brand Marketing Manager Resume Example

Starting with a keyword-rich profile, this marketing manager nails it with renowned certifications like Google Analytics IQ, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing, instantly showcasing her forte.

The work experience is sprinkled with quantifiable achievements — from acquiring two new locations within eight months to slashing payroll costs by a staggering 30%. This paints a picture of a result-oriented professional, ready to deliver tangible results.

Along with that, the resume also contains a stand-alone certifications section right after experience and before education, which draws attention to this section. These field-relevant certifications boost Antonella's credibility in the sector. 

Additionally, Antonella includes a unique Leadership Experience section. Here, roles like General Secretary, Graduate Assistant, and volunteering experiences are smartly highlighted, giving her an edge by showcasing her leadership capabilities and community service.

Brand Marketing Manager at Merck

real marketing resume example

Want more inspiration? See all marketing resumes in our Resume Examples Library. Or check out resume guides for specific marketing and PR positions:

And if you feel like you still need more guidance, check out our ultimate resume guide or download our ebook, completely free of charge.

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FAQ: Marketing resume

  • What skills should I include in my marketing resume?

    Here are the seven best skills to include in a marketing resume:

    1. Influencer marketing
    2. Social media marketing
    3. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    4. SEO and SEM
    5. Content creation
    7. Data analysis
    7. Email marketing

  • How do I write a CV for marketing?

    To write a CV for sales and marketing, you should:

    1. Start with a strong profile summary including relevant keywords, such as Google Analytics IQ or email marketing certifications.
    2. Detail your work experience using bullet points to showcase roles and responsibilities, spanning sales, marketing strategies, and progressive career growth.
    3. Quantify achievements to provide concrete proof of capabilities, like surpassing campaign goals, increasing brand reach, or driving customer engagement.
    4. Create a separate section for certifications to bolster credibility, showcasing ongoing learning and professional development.
    5. Highlight hard skills, such as proficiency in CRM software, social media management, or market research, to emphasize your capabilities.
    6. Ensure a clean and visually appealing design, avoiding clutter and using appropriate headings, bullet points, and spacing to enhance readability.

  • What is the best CV format for a marketing manager?

    For marketing managers with lots of experience, go for a reversed chronological format. Show your work history in order, starting with the most recent position. It helps highlight your career progression and accomplishments.

    If you're new to the game or have limited experience, try a functional resume format. Put your skills and certifications up front to grab attention. Show recruiters what you bring to the table, even without tons of experience.

  • What kind of keywords should I use in my marketing resume?

    First and foremost, make sure to use keywords from the job description on your marketing resume. However, in general, here are the best keywords for a marketing resume:

    Digital marketing
    Brand management
    Market research
    Campaign management

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