Resume of Homer Simpson (Infographic)

Last edit June 25, 2015

Have you ever wondered what resume of Homer Simpson would look like? Here, you can be inspired by this lazy, beer-loving individual. Shockingly, his experiences cover almost every field you can think of...

According to interview with Matt Groening, Homer has had 188 jobs in the first 400 episodes.

Homer's default job is in Springfield's nuclear power plant.

His position is called safety inspector, although he doesn't take it too seriously. In fact, he has caused several nuclear meltdowns, was fired and quitted for a few times and he even took Mr. Burns's place as a director.

Everyone who loves The Simpsons knows, that Homer's salary is pretty average.

His family has average house, cheap car and sometimes it's difficult for them to pay the bills.

In one episode Homer's paycheck is revealed. His income is $24,395.80 before deduction and $18,833.88 after deduction.

Springfield nuclear power plant works on a principle of boiling water. It is the main source of electricity in the Springfield.

The owner - Charles Montgomery Burns is not the kindest person you can imagine. Power plant is maintained very poorly.

An inspection found 342 violation, which would cost approximately $56 million to fix. Mr. Burns is not going to spend this kind of money on safety…

Homer's job relationships are mostly positive. His favourite co-workers are Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson.

After the work, they usually hang out in the Moes Tavern. Homer has had enemies in the job as well. One of the most notorious was Frank Grimes. His hatred against Homer was so strong, he ended up with craziness and accidental suicide.

Enjoy this beautiful resume of Homer Simpson. You sure will be astonished by the variations of his work experience.

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