Resume of Leonardo DiCaprio: Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know

Last edit February 29, 2016

It took Leonardo DiCaprio 22 years and 21 blockbuster movies to touch the Oscar gold, but it surely was a moment worth waiting for. Here is resume of Leonardo DiCaprio!

There’s been so much talk about Leo winning an Oscar like probably never before in the entire movie history.

The internet was flooded with Leo vs. Oscar jokes weeks before the Oscar ceremony, but as expected, Leo’s winning triggered an avalanche of memes, gifs, tweets, etc. that instantly broke the internet.

One can only wonder whether it would make any difference if he didn’t win (we think not).

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the few actors who managed to step out of the shadow of their first big movie’s success.

He got rid of the “Jack from Titanic” label pretty quickly thanks to his great acting talent, power of performance and his fine film taste.

And he has a special gift for dying in movies - his characters almost always die onscreen. Poor Leo!

Leo is simply a living legend. He’s a great actor and he’s never really been in a bad movie (except for Don’s plum perhaps).

He actively helps save the environment. He’s devoting all his social media content to pointing out climate change and deforestation issues.

He’s not your usual celebrity, he keeps his private life private. He loves his mum. He's still hot at 41. Well, you gotta love him.

And because we all want more of fabulous Leonardo, check out our infographics for more Leo facts!

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