Here is The Resume of Luke Skywalker. Would you hire him?

Last edit December 16, 2015

By this time, you should have watched all of the Star Wars movies and be well prepared for hugely expected Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

Did you know, that originally Luke Skywalker was named Luke Starkiller? And he was supposed to be a girl? George Lucas changed this character many times before his final image.

One of the character forms was a 65-year-old military general.

Fortunately, everything got on the right path and Luke Skywalker become one of the most beloved characters in the universe.

Another interesting thing is, that there were two not so happy alternate endings.

In the first one, Luke died and Leia was supposed to continue the mission.

In the second one, Luke puts his father's mask on, and turns to the dark side.

Luckily, everything ended happily and Luke became a hero. After well-earned rest, he became bored of an ordinary life.

That's why he became a passionate job seeker creating THIS AWESOME RESUME.


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