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TikTok Resumes: The What, The Why & The How

Last edit October 12, 2022

When the TikTok app ventured into the internet world in 2017, few people probably anticipated it to be an overwhelming success — and even fewer could have predicted the rise of TikTok resumes. 

But the short-form, video-sharing social media app quickly became loved by celebrities, teenagers, adults, and even companies when it comes to sharing fun clips. 

And earlier in 2022, TikTok established a more extended video setup element that lets you create resumes that showcase your talents, background, and future career goals

TikTok? A job application and talent recruitment platform? Yep. It's hard to believe now, but it’s the truth.

This article covers everything you need to learn about TikTok resumes, including how to make one and why you may want to jump on this opportunity.

What is a TikTok resume?

A TikTok resume is reminiscent of the personal narrative essays you were assigned to write back in high school, except in video form

TikTokers utilize the TikTok app, upload videos, and apply the hashtag #TikTokResumes, to showcase their talents, skills, education, and professional aspirations. 

You can also incorporate contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers and your LinkedIn profile. 

There are several advantages and a few disadvantages to using a TikTok resume:

Pros of a TikTok resume

  • A personal touch: You can accentuate your personality and creative skills efficiently.
  • Simplicity: The resume uploading procedure is straightforward, especially for seasoned TikTokers.
  • More bang for your buck: You can upload resumes to hundreds of possible employers instead of just one at a time.
  • Your resume video may go viral.

Cons of a TikTok resume

  • No narrowing of the field: You can’t apply for a specific job, so if your dream career employer isn't using TikTok or doesn't happen to see their particular video, your resume will never reach them.
  • No privacy: Since you'll need to keep your profile public so potential employers can view it, uploading a resume means an employer can view all of the TikToks attached to your resume's account.
when should you create tiktok resume

Why (and when) should you create a TikTok resume?

Naturally, there's a time and a place for a TikTok resume and a traditional resume. 

Most jobs will still require a traditional resume during the interview process, even if the employer found you through the TikTok app. And since TikTok is in the early stages of operating this feature, there aren't numerous employers using it yet. 

Still, there are some companies hiring on TikTok, so you should consider creating a TikTok resume if:

  • You're targeting a company that's hiring on TikTok
  • You’re looking for a job at an entry or mid-level position in areas like social media marketing, freelance graphic design, or fashion.

In that case, a TikTok resume could be the perfect way to get your name out there.

Who is currently hiring on TikTok?

Currently, there are a number of startups recruiting on TikTok. However, there are well-known, established companies too.

You can find the following companies hiring on the TikTok platform:

  • Chipotle
  • PopSugar
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Target
how to make a tiktok video resume in 5 steps

How to create a TikTok resume

Creating a TikTok video resume won't be as overwhelming as you might think if you follow these five steps:

  1. Create a professional TikTok profile.

    Since prospective employers will see all the videos you upload on TikTok, it's better to have a dedicated profile specifically for TikTok job hunting.

  2. Set your "set".

    Find good lightning and a professional, quiet location. You can also design your set around the vibe of the job you want (whether it's more professional or more creative).

  3. Roll camera.

    Choose the video length you want for your TikTok resume and write a script. 
    Practice it a few times and once you're ready, film it either on TikTok or on your phone.

  4. Edit the video.

    If there are some parts that aren’t relevant, cut them out. You can also add captions for your talking, background music, or a generated dynamic QR code for your PDF resume.

  5. Publish it and find a job.

    Once your video draft is ready, publish it on TikTok. Also, add an @ for companies you're interested in working for, and relevant hashtags like #TikTokResumes or #JobApplication.

See? Easy.

Let's talk about each step in more detail!

Step 1: Create a professional TikTok profile

It’s essential to remember that prospective employers can see all the videos you upload on your TikTok account since you'll have to make the sharing setting public. 

So if you love to make zany, ridiculous videos or partake in the latest bizarre trends, you might want to consider creating a different account specifically for TikTok job hunting.

And along the lines of professionalism, you'll also want to ensure your profile image is professional and lets your future employer know you’re serious about landing a job.

Step 2: Set your “set”

Before you begin filming your TikTok resume, you'll want to guarantee that the location you choose to film is professional, quiet, and clutter-free. 

Design your set around the vibe of the job you want. If you’re looking for a professional setting career, you might want a set in front of a whiteboard or a desk. 

If you’re searching for something more creative, let your location match that aesthetic. 

Another quick tip, as all great performers know, you must find your light! Good lighting is paramount so the employer can see you at your best. 

Step 3: Roll camera

Finally, you should choose the video length you want for your TikTok resume and write a script (we'll show you one in the next chapter). 

Be sure to practice the script and remember that there's no rule that your video must be filmed and uploaded in one take. 

Start and stop as many times as you need until it's perfect. You can either film your resume directly in TikTok (if you’re confident enough) or record it separately on your phone and upload it later.

  • Sam Hops, SEO & Content Marketer at MarketSplash
  • A word of advice

    When creating a TikTok resume, don’t get too caught up in the technicalities of it all. It’s just as important to show off your personality and your skillset through the video as it is to have a well-edited one.

    Samantha Hops, SEO & Content Marketer at MarketSplash

Step 4: Edit the video

Once you’ve filmed your video resume, it's essential to edit it. If there are some parts which, in hindsight, you realize aren’t relevant, then cut them out. This can be done through TikTok itself or using apps like ViaMaker or Beecut.

TikTok also has lots of fun filters and special effects for you to add, but perhaps it’s best not to add them, or to at least use them in moderation. You’re trying to be professional, remember? 

But one thing you should definitely add is captions for your talking. That way, potential employers can listen to what you’re saying and read along too, in case they miss anything.

You could also add music to your video resume as long as you ensure that the lyrics are appropriate and that the song doesn’t drown out what you’re saying. It should be in the background rather than the star of the show (that’s you).

Another tip for your video resume is to include a QR code to your PDF traditional resume that prospective employers can scan.

Step 5: Publish it and find a job

Once your video draft is ready, you can publish it on TikTok.

Also, add an @ for companies you're interested in working for, and the right hashtag (#TikTokResumes, #JobSearch, #HireMe, #JobApplication).

As applying for jobs on TikTok isn't as simple as filling out an application, your TikTok video resume also needs to link to your LinkedIn profile or your current contact information.

Companies will then reach out to you if they’re interested in speaking with you more.

TikTok resume template

Talking about yourself can be tricky, so you might want a template to start from for your TikTok resume.

Part one

Your first line must grab the employer's attention, like a traditional resume and cover letter. A TikTok resume should begin with your best career accomplishment. 

For example, you might say:

Note how this introduction includes specific facts and details which can provide context to your resume skills and achievements.

Part two

The next step is to give a summary of yourself. Go over and above simply stating your background and hobbies, and make sure that at the end of the day, the interviewer knows exactly who you’re and why you’re the right candidate for the job.

Highlight some of your soft skills like public speaking or attention to detail. It would help if you also talked about your passion for the career you’re pursuing and how you could be an asset to the company.

At this point in the resume, you’ll want to mention if you have any specific required certifications.

For example, your might say this next:

Part three

After you've outlined your most significant accomplishments and relevant work experience, you can briefly summarize who you’re as a person.

You could finish off like this, for example:

Short and sweet.

Wrapping up

Most importantly, have fun with it all! The biggest attribute to making a resume video is that you get to show who you’re and speak for yourself instead of letting a piece of paper do that. 

I like ending off with confidence, like:

Best TikTok resume examples

This TikTok resume is an excellent example of adding text to your resume to add creativity and personalization.

Another great example of a TikTok video resume that uses text to highlight key info:

This TikTok resume is a great example of putting the voice on the most important thing — you! 


Here are the reasons why YOU should hire me! Don’t be shy, let’s get in touch. #tiktokresumes #tiktokpartner

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Be sure to take some time and look at all the TikTok video resumes posted to be inspired.

FAQ: TikTok resumes

  • How do you write a TikTok resume?

    Think about writing your TikTok resume as composing a CV video or traditional resume.

  • Can you find job postings on TikTok?

    Yes. If you post your resumes applying the right hashtag, you can then also use this hashtag to peruse job listings or potential employers on the site. 

  • Do recruiters look at TikTok?

    Since the TikTok resume platform is young, many employers aren't presently utilizing it; however, TikTok is rapidly becoming an app that more employers are joining and viewing.

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